Once walking, children are ready for their first shoes.  At Kiddie Kobbler™ we ensure that both of your child’s feet are measured by a professional before fitting.

As children grow, their feet continue to develop and the cartilage changes into bone.  Growth is in spurts, not at a steady pace, and during the first year, the reaches almost half its adult size.  It will take until the late teens before it is fully developed.

Check shoe and sock size as frequently as every few weeks to make sure they haven’t outgrown their shoes.  Children often can’t feel the damage being done, so inspect their feet regularly, at least every bath time.  If your child does complain, check for common problems and contact your local chiropodist for advice.

The natural development of the feet, as well as overall posture and gait, depends on maximum freedom of movement.  All first shoes must be light and very flexible to conform to any movement of the feet while stretching, bending and turning.

By age 13, only 40 percent of children still have healthy feet, due in part, to poor-fitting shoes and shoes with inflexible soles.